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Meet Ghana’s latest Sensational Screen Diva – Esi Hammond

Meet Ghana’s latest Sensational Screen Diva – Esi Hammond

“What makes acting exciting is knowing that people from afar appreciate and celebrate every effort you make in bringing out great art” says Esi Hammond in an interview with

Esi Hammond in StylesBeing an Entertainment news anchor on Pan African TV and having played a role in “Slave King”, Esi discovered her acting potentials when she performed a challenging role as the Major Character in “Accra Hustlers”.

This role given to her by the manager Umar Krupp who happens to be the C.E.O of Sawudigh multimedia & Krupp’s production, boosted her morale in acting and has won her multiple features in films like “Once upon the 80s, Baabani, My name is Ramadan, Showboy”, and the newly anticipated one entitled “Candy’s Girls”.

Esi Hammond with the Manager Umar Krupp who Discovered her.

Esi Hammond through Manager Umar Krupp also got a role in a Nigerian Television Series “When love comes calling” which is airing on their National Television Station called AIT TV.

On the set of “When Love comes calling” in Lagos NigeriaScreen Diva Esi Hammond in the recent Ghana Movie Awards 2018, was nominated in the category of “Discovery of the Year”.

Follow Ghana’s latest Sensational Screen Diva Esi Hammond on Facebook and Instagram @Esi_hammond and also on Twitter by @Esi_hammonious. We wish Esi Hammond well in her journey of making new exploits in her Career.

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Behind the Scenes Pictures of Esi and other Film Makers.

Youngest Producer /Actor Umar Krupp tops Ghanaians with four -4 Awards at the Golden Movie Awards.




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