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New IBF lightweight world hero – Richard Commey celebrated

New IBF lightweight world hero – Richard Commey celebrated

After outstanding victories over the counterparts in couple of fights, Ghanaian Boxer Richard Commey climbed through the ranks to grab the International Boxing Federation lightweight title last Saturday.

The 31 years old boxer, born on the 10th of March 1987 fought 29 battles to have reached the pivot of his game.

He celebrated the victory with his team by posting exuberant pictures on Instagram.

His team members  together with his official Photographer Jim Fenwick did posted massive works to show how persistent Richard was in training before and after the fight.

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Last night in Texas the Ghanaian boxer I have been working with for the last 5 years realised his dream and became champion of the world. It has been one hell of a ride and this morning as I sit here in my hotel room in Frisco I feel quite emotional as I know that my work here is nearly done. This has been an experience that has changed me as a person and I am better for it. God bless you Ghana. . This image is was made in the locker room just before Richard went out to fight. The team give thanks to God and ask him to protect Richard and to keep both fighters safe from harm. . . Jim Fenwick©️ . . #africa #ghana #accra #jamestown #bukom #boxing #ibf #champ #richardcommey @richardcommey @trboxing @chris_algieri @streetwisemanagement #texas

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We are proud of you Richard Commey for lifting Mother Ghana’s head up once again. Congratulations Champion!!!




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I posted this earlier on fb coming straight off the plane after re-typing it several times trying to find the right words. What an emotional night Saturday night was for me. I witnessed my friend forfil his dream of becoming a world champion! Ten years ago this month Richie Commey and myself had our very last training session together in Dubai. I was moving back to London and Richie was a little unsure of his future there too. We spoke for some time but one thing that stuck out for me was when he said ' Eamonn I am going to agree with you and give boxing ago, not only that but I am going to shock the world and win a world title'. It was a bold statement to make especially coming from a guy who's first love was football which he could have easily played at a decent level but was actually concentrating on kickboxing at the time. At that point he hadn’t even had an amateur boxing fight and he was 21 years old. A lot of people would say of course you will mate and may not believe him but that wasn't the case for me. For a long time a friend of ours Leah Oatway and myself kept encouraging Richie to try boxing after only seeing him spar a few times. We felt he could have a good career and the rewards were better. Anyway I made a pact with him that if he did take boxing seriously I would do my best to help and support him along the way. Fast forward ten years with many stories to share, many highs and lows he won that world title. Not only am I proud of you Richie but you are a perfect example of someone who worked hard to get to where you are today and you have shown that dreams really do come ture. Even after all the let downs you stuck at it and never gave up. I end this by saying that without a shadow of a doubt you were the best friend I made in Dubai and I’d like to thank you for all the memories we have shared so far and hope to continue to make many more memories along the way. #TeamCommey #RC #IBFLightweightWorldChampion #AndTheNew #KingCommey #Friends @richardcommey Fight action photos by our good friend @jimfenwick

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