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Crisis Management Seminar Held By Christian University College Made Possible.

Crisis Management Seminar Held By Christian University College Made Possible.

As part of Realities of Life, every individual goes through difficult moments that can break one down and reshape you towards reaping a positive or negative reward. It is why  Christian University College Lecturer, Counselor Maxwell organised the maiden edition of Crisis Management Seminar at the Eagle Faith Ministries Auditorium at Adenta.

Counsellor Maxwell.
The Gen. Overseer of The Eagle Faith Ministries – Bishop Bright Fiatepe

 He made reference to a lot of situations people go through and gave measures by which each one could be use to handle and overcome these tough moments.

Pastor Johnathan

Here are few highlights of Counsellor Maxwell’s Seminar compiled by

High Commissioner Secorm


Crisis are events that when they occur can affect your psyche.

However, crisis is not in the event. It depends on one’s interpretation and may happen when it exceeds your current resources.

Examples of crisis: broken heart from relationships, job losses, lost of a loved one, false accusations, accidents of all forms and disappointment of all kinds.

Results of crisis: insanity, suicides, trauma, failure, weakness, etc.

Mr. Saint Hammer

Triggers of crisis:

These are causal factors that remind a victim about what they went through.

Signs of being in crisis?

•the body language

•when the person isolates himself or herself

•mood changes

•severe heartbeats


• uncontrollable anger

How to help people out of crisis:

• Create a rapport and establish contact with the person in crisis

•Have empathy for the person.

•Help and encourage the person to cry.

• Allow the person to share the experience and the ordeal.

• Give the person a listening ear rand allow the person to talk.

• Provide the person with  support and resources. It can be in the form of an (inspirational songs and book.

• Encourage the person to exercise often.

•Encourage the person to get a good hug.

Characteristics of crisis.

•Crisis poses either opportunity or danger for you.

•Crisis give you the chance to make choices

Coping mechanisms:

•Having fore-knowledge or education relating to crisis.

•obtaining resources such as finances, books, music.

•build your mental muscle and develop toughness against some level of crisis.

We believe these tips could be of help to you.

Some Participants of The Crisis Management Seminar.

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