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Let’s save our Eden

Let’s save our Eden

Our planet is burning, but we are looking elsewhere. That famous sentence from the speech of the late French and former president Jacques Chirac on climate change in Johannesburg in September 2002 is well indicative of the mess we have created and that could be the legacy to our children if care is not taken.

Human beings are not the only species in existence in the universe. Many other species have been in existence far long ago before us and they kept living in accordance with the natural law of things to maintain the balance which our survival depends on.  The incessant degradation and destruction of the nature cannot be ignored anymore. Many signs and effects are now too well felt across the globe.  The indifference of the people around the globe is really worrisome. It looks as if it is happening elsewhere in another world or it is not affecting anybody or it is the problem of those governing us. Climate change is real and its effects are visible, reshaping our living patterns, our way of thinking and our way of going about things.  It affects every household, every life and species on a daily basis. Every continent, every country, every aspect of our life too are affected. The worst of it is that other species are suffering from the consequences of our irresponsible actions and inactions.  According to wikipidia on climate change in Africa, climate change will increasingly impact Africa due to many factors. These impacts are already being felt and will increase in magnitude if action is not taken to reduce global carbon emissions. The impacts include higher temperatures, drought, changing rainfall patterns and increased climate variability.

Oladayo Awojobi, quoting (Niang et al., 2014) in A REVIEW OF THE SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE of the JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC RESEARCH FOR MULTIDISCIPLINARY Issued on 11th of December 2017 titled: THE IMPACTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE IN AFRICA stated that the impacts of climate change in Africa are so worrisome that studies have considered the continent as the most vulnerable in the world. For instance, Africa has been classified as one of the regions of the world most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change owing to its high exposure and poor adaptive capacity. He continued quoting (Huq et al., 2004; Nordhaus, 2006; Rose, 2015; Singh & Purohit, 2014) stating that Countries in Africa are more affected by climate change due to the dependence on agriculture as well as their poor financial, technical and institutional capacity to adapt.

Agriculture is considered as the largest main economic activities in Africa and it provides employment for approximately 60 percent of the African population, and more than 50 percent of GDP in some countries (Collier et al., 2008). Most countries in Africa that mainly depend on agriculture, climate change will pose considerable risks to their livelihood (Hummel, 2015). The elongated and heightened droughts in Eastern Africa; exceptional floods in Western Africa; reduction of rainforests in equatorial Africa; and a rise in ocean acidity across Africa’s southern coast and coupled with extremely altered weather patterns and climate extreme events threaten agricultural production and food security, health, water and energy security, which as a result weaken African’s capacity to grow and develop (Besada & Sewankambo, 2009).

We are all witnesses to all these happenings in our communities. We can all join the fight and save our planet. We cannot pretend not to see anything anymore. This is our planet, this is our home.  Let’s speak up to save our children. Use renewable energies in our homes (Green-e-energy), weatherize, invest in energy-efficient appliances, reduce water waste, actually eat the food you buy and make less of it meat, pull the plug(s), drive a fuel-efficient vehicles, maintain your ride, rethink planes, train, and automobiles, buy better bulbs, stop bush fires, dumping of refuses on water bodies, galansey, degradation of our land and water bodies, and destruction of our forests. Let’s all behave responsibly and save our home that is burning. We have no other home than earth and we are destroying it for money sake. After destroying everything, what will we do with that money? God gave us a beautiful world to live in; the only thing that is required of us, is to take care of the garden. It’s our responsibility. It’s our duty. Nature speaks to us, let’s listen.

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by Denis Bricen

About Denis Bricen

Freelancer, Author and Entrepreneur, I am very much interested in societal and humanistic perspectives of life. I am a University graduate and a MBA candidate.

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