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The relevance of Feminism and Gender Equality in African society

The relevance of Feminism and Gender Equality in African society

After the United States of America experienced series of feminist movement #METOO that has recently flooded Europe and is gradually spreading to the rest of the world shacking and reshaping the way we used to perceive feminine gender, it is time for Africa now to face the most challenging existential crisis of its history, threatening the very core foundation of its culture, tradition and believes. How will Africans deal with that in a cultural environment where by the male gender is law? What is the relevance of that movement in our cultural environment? How can we reach a truce in order to create some kind of balance that will be beneficial for both genders? To answer these questions, it is very important to understand what feminism and gender equality are and what is the place of culture, tradition and believes in the very existence of people.

According to Wikipedia, Feminism is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that aim to define, establish and achieve the political, economic, personal and social equality of the sexes. Its view is that societies prioritize more the male point of view than the women ones. Basically meaning that, women are unfairly treated in societies.  Gender equality in the other hand means that the different behaviours, aspirations and needs of women and men are considered, valued and favoured equally. It does not mean that women and men have to become the same, but that their rights, responsibilities and opportunities will not depend on whether they are born male or female.  It took centuries for the western world to understand, engage in and achieve its very societal mutation requiring them to go through unbearable pains and unforgettable wrongs in order to arrive at a certain liberal mindset and evolve. History tells us that same fate await us if only we decide to work that same path. There is no gain without pain, people say and I think as much. Our culture, tradition and believes that defined our very existence as people must be trampled upon to achieve that worldly mindset in order to emancipate and evolve. Are we ready to let that happen? Eventually it will happen, but will it be that easy to let go of the only thing that defines us as people? 57 years on after independence, there are still fights between tribes although we live in the same space and geographical boundaries. It is still difficult for us to become a united nation because of our cultural, traditional and ethnic differences. The only thing we ever learn was to be men and rule over our household and society. Now, the world tells us that the culture, tradition and believes that we held dearly and that made us is nonsense. Many households nowadays are burning, breaking up of relationships and divorces are common issues in our society. Despites of the governments efforts to address the issue, the problem remain whole with more violation daily. Women are getting prouder and disrespectful, making the situation worse. We are now in the middle of a gender conflict (genderism) that 20 years ago was not in existence. Women are now taking their revenge and stand up to men. The verdict is obvious: we are not yet ready for it. Therefore, there is no relevance to such a thought in our part of the world, though many of our young women express the desire of seeing it becoming a reality. And that is enough to prepare the ground for a national discussion on the subject.

It is time then to initiate a dialogue as a people. It is time to negotiate and find a solution if not the situation will get messier. Governments around the world by creating more opportunities for women are given without knowing the tools that women will use against men in the near future. Instead of forcing that idea on us by creating laws to punish and force male gender to abide and respect feminine gender, governments should rather invest their time and resources in the creation of platforms to educate and allow the dialogue to take place in order to reach a compromise. Those impositions create more resentment toward the feminine gender and aggravate the situation, for by behaving that way, they are doing to men what they do not want men to do to women.  To avoid it all, we have to deal with the issue by the root, by involving all stakeholders in the society to educate and reach a compromise that will benefit our aspiration as a people. Traditional rulers, pastors, civil society and governments are keys people to draw an understandable map that will help bring understanding and peace in our homes. Education and dialogue are keys to bring a lasting peace to our homes and society to heal us. So, let’s negotiate and engage in dialogue as a people to draw a map on which we all need to stand to navigate our way out of this mess.

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By Denis Bricen

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Freelancer, Author and Entrepreneur, I am very much interested in societal and humanistic perspectives of life. I am a University graduate and a MBA candidate.

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