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Wode Maya, Ghanaian Vlogger Making Impact in Africa and the World

Wode Maya, Ghanaian Vlogger Making Impact in Africa and the World

Video blogging known for short as Vlogging which started in April 2005 by the co-founder of YouTube Jawed Karim has become a real deal business for most creative personalities across the world.

It is with such great idea that brought Ghanaian Freelance Vlogger/Youtuber Berthold Winkler known widely by the brand name “Wode Maya” into a full-time business.

One of the World’s Famous YouTuber – Drew Binsky with Wode Maya.

Wode Maya who has to his credit many fun & interesting videos up to a six hundred and twenty and still counting over the years had his bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics at Shenyang Aerospace University in China.

His project “Africa to the World” took to and fro through the length and breadth of the continent and beyond showing beautiful places and people all around the globe.

Wode Maya sitting in a Gutter eating in Kigali.

Currently having three hundred and seventy-four thousand (374k) subscribers, Wode Maya has to his credit Two-point seven million-plus (2.7million) views as his highest on his Vlog with the video entitled “How Chinese react when they see Black People”. This video was published on October 30th, 2016.

Wode Maya’s Highest viewed video on his YouTube channel.

Wode Maya started vlogging since 2014 and has visited all African countries making his project “Africa to the World” a success.

Click the link below to watch some videos of Wode Maya and don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel if you haven’t done that yet.

One of Wode Maya’s numerous videos.

Follow Wode Maya on all social media platforms Facebook and Instagram  @mrghanababy. Join, let’s keep supporting own.

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